Cure It 10kg It Roofing Resin GRP

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  • Specially formulated for roofing applications
  • Adjusted for seasonal variations in temperature
  • Can be used in 0 degree temperatures
  • 10kg tub


Cure-It GRP Resin 10kg

The Cure-It GRP resin has been specially formulated to be used for fibreglass roofs. The leading GRP flat roofing system in the UK, all Cure-It products have been accredited to ETAG and BS standards to prove their quality and durability.

A truly revolutionary waterproofing system, Cure-It GRP resin has been carefully designed for maximum efficiency on roofing applications. To put your mind at ease when purchasing your Cure-It GRP resin from JJ Roofing, the product comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 20 years so you can buy with full confidence.

Cure-It’s roofing resins and topcoats are formulated in order to promote enhanced bonding characteristics and provide a level of flexibility that cannot be matched by other products used for similar purposes.

The whole Cure-It range including the GRP resin has been designed to seamlessly adapt to seasonal changes in temperature. This means that you can install it all year round without having to worry, even if the outside temperature is as low as 0 degrees Celsius.

All Cure-It products that we carry are CE-marked – that means they fully comply with European regulations on manufacturing standards. Products will not be able to receive this marking unless they have been through exhaustive testing. You can rest assured knowing that you are picking a top quality GRP resin.

Offering a full range of GRP materials, Cure-It has been designed for all roofing applications. Consisting of a wet laid laminate that has been applied over a securely fitted deck measuring at 18 millimetres, a change in the pitch or perimeter can easily be resolved by using one of their edge trims. The finish will be a hard wearing topcoat that will last for many years to come.

Choosing a Cure-It system for your roofing application is the smartest choice you can make and JJ Roofing offers their full range at fantastic prices. The cold application means that you will not need to worry about the risks associated with heat installation. On top of the product’s fantastic cost effectiveness and manufacturing quality, it also offers an unbeatable environmental profile. Additionally, it is UV-resistant and able to effectively withstand heavy levels of foot traffic making it easily specified for walkways and balconies.

Besides possessing numerous industry accreditations, Cure-It was the recipient of the Queens Award for Enterprise in 2016 in the category of innovation.

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